Helping people find the inner strength to grow and find meaning in their lives.

Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis for Lasting Change

If you feel stuck and are suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction, or are struggling in your relationships, I’d urge you to consider depth psychotherapy for lasting change. Depth psychotherapy is effective because it can help you to discover the root causes of your pain, and offer you fresh, creative and meaningful ways to live beyond your painful past and present.

My Psychotherapy Approach

I combine psychoanalytic principles, solution-focused therapy, mind-body awareness and Buddhist considerations of the mind, all methodologies that have proven to be effective over many years. Using this integrative approach, I can attend to your unique needs and goals. This will enable us to get to the root of the conflict, get solutions to get you unstuck, and allow you to feel more connected to yourself and what you want. 

If you are tired of struggling, committed to making a change in your life, and willing to do the work necessary to make these changes and have a better life, give me a call in my Berkeley office.