Consultation for Difficult Male Clients


I provide consultation to psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists for those who are struggling to navigate their work with difficult male clients. When I say “difficult”, I am referring specifically to those men who seem particularly hard to reach, whether they are overly aggressive and hostile or resistant, withdrawn and passive. I am also referring to men who have addictive tendencies, whether they are using alcohol, drugs or pornography or other similar activities.

Working with men in a clinical setting can provide unique challenges that can require a deeper understanding of particular unconscious anxieties and defenses that men can carry. Due to both societal pressures and/or the psychological circumstances that men face early in life, working with men can be challenging and, when worked with effectively, can prove surprisingly heart warming and satisfying.

My fee per consultation hour is $160. I have some flexibility regarding fee based on frequency and time of day. Please contact me at 510-848- 8899 if you are interested in consultation.