I offer psychoanalysis for those interested in doing deeper psychological work, where we can take more time to understand the original roots of your symptoms and repetitive patterns through the practice of listening deeply to your unconscious communication. This practice not only can help reduce symptoms but can also allow for emotional growth and maturity and, ultimately, a life of more aliveness and psychological freedom.  

Typically at three or more sessions per week, lying down on the couch rather than sitting face to face, psychoanalysis is a rare opportunity to be able to be with oneself while being with an attuned and engaged other.  It is simultaneously an inner exploration and an ongoing dialogue.    

At a time where you might feel the stress of the rapid pace of technology and various pressures to perform and succeed, psychoanalysis offers a space to slow down and listen to and align with the natural pace and unique music of your own inner world.   Tuning in to your own inner music is inherently nurturing and enlivening. 

If you are interested, contact me and we can meet and talk further about this option, both from a logistical and a psychological point of view.