Therapy for Depression & Anxiety



If you are feeling as if you have fallen into a  well, or are falling or drowning with nothing to grab onto, I urge you to begin therapy.  A low to moderate level of depression is common, especially after a loss or deep disappointment, but if your daily functioning is affected, you need to pay attention.  Deeper depressions, which may be more biological in nature, possibly passed down from family members or may reflect early childhood environmental deficiencies, can have longer lasting adverse effects.

My work with people suffering from depression is both an investigation of the experience of depression itself and of the underlying causes of the depression. I teach you how to bring mindful attention to your depression so you can find doors and alleyways that lead to greater understanding, tools and relief.


If you frequently sense that things are not ok, you’re overwhelmed by repetitive negative thoughts, as if the rug has been pulled from under you and you are nearly panicked (tight chest, hard to breathe), you are probably suffering from a heightened level of anxiety. No one is immune to this feeling of insecurity. In a sense, it’s the human condition. However, it can go overboard, depending on one’s own makeup, childhood environment, possible trauma, family of origin and cultural setting.

 I help you loosen the grip that anxiety holds on you by non-judgmentally exploring how you avoid it (and how that actually is just a temporary band-aid that increases anxiety over time) and then, discover the source(s) for this feeling of insecurity. This inevitably leads to greater relief, undiscovered thoughts and feelings and a fuller life.