Therapy for Individuals


It can feel really lonely and scary to experience pain and not know what is happening or how to find relief.  If you are a man or woman struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, in your relationship, or you are feeling frustrated from repeated harmful patterns that you cannot seem to escape, I can help you.   

My Approach with Individuals
I combine psychoanalytic principles, solution-focused therapy, mind-body awareness and Buddhist considerations of the mind, all methodologies that have proven to be effective over many years. Using this integrative approach, I can attend to your unique needs and goals.  This will enable us to get to the root of your pain, find solutions to get you unstuck, and allow you to feel more connected to yourself and what you want.

Specifically, we will work and think together to identify how your past affects you today, and how that impact can lead you to feel depressed, anxious, hopeless or lost.  This allows for more psychic room for you to grow, create, and feel more empowered.