Therapy for Couples


Committed, romantic relationship can be both challenging and rewarding.   If you are here, reading this, you probably are more aware of the challenges right now!  

If you are like the couples I see, you may be struggling with maintaining the passion that once ignited the relationship, or you're both struggling with walking on eggshells around each other, afraid to upset each other but feeling stifled by not being able to be yourselves, or you both might feel at your wit's end with an ongoing dynamic (ongoing fighting or where one partner constantly pursuing the other, while the other looks for more and more space).  Perhaps a new child has put addded pressure to any or all the challenges listed above.

Regardless of the particular challenge, couples therapy can help your relationship find relief and grow.  Listening on multiple levels (how each person's history as it effects the relationship, the predominant communication dynamics of the relationship, and the unique assets of each relationship), I can help you as a couple begin to recognize, think about, and find creative solutions out of the stuck places you, as every couple, can find yourself.  These skills will be invaluable as you move through the challenges of life, and will offer more joy to relating.